The software for authenticity analysis

Cryfe™: The software for authenticity analysis

Cryfe™ helps you meet the real human behind conditioned answers and make informed decisions.

Discover someone’s emotions through their body language, and relate them to what they are saying. Meet the genuine person, beyond the words!

Cryfe software combines cutting-edge profiling knowledge, patented rules and process as well as personal data security to assist people.

Finally an AI based on ethical machine learning!


Let everyone be authentic and have access to their full potential, while feeling safe.

We offer our clients a solution combining products and services to establish congruence and thus fully understand the human aspect: the Cryfe™ software and the VIP© method. Training and consulting are also available to support you.

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Cryfe « Authentic Behavior » is a state-of-the-art software based on behavioral analysis, neuroscience.

Detect and highlight all signals emitted by your interlocutor, whether they are verbal (audio) or non-verbal (visual, such as body language). Encourage interactions and make your interlocutor feel safe.

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Cryfe supports you in detecting your interlocutor's authentic signals in various personal and professional situations.

Imagine being able to understand your impact in interpersonal communication? Imagine assessing the risks when choosing a future business partner? Imagine... all the possibilities offered by Cryfe?

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Your data. Secured.

The secure processing as well as the protection of personal data is confidential for Cryfe™. Data security is one of our top priorities.

More or less sensitive, these data must be treated in a compliant manner and be respectful of the privacy of people involved: your candidates, your customers , your partners, your employees or yourself.

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Swiss made

Cryfe™ was imagined and designed exclusively in Switzerland.

The ethics of such innovative software is at the center of our priorities. For that matter we entirely trust our partners that we have rigorously selected to ensure compliance with the highest ethical standards.

We promise you professionalism, precision, honesty and transparency!

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Cryfe™ is currently in a Beta phase. Autonomous sign up is not available yet, but you can book a demo with Caroline Matteucci (founder) and get a direct access to a trial version.

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