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The only software that can analyze facial expressions, gestures and voice.


Cryfe « Authentic Behavior » is a state-of-the-art software based on neurosciences and behavioral analysis.

It analyzes gestures, facial expressions and voice, putting them together to identify authenticity. Reviewing these key points allows you to make an informed decision.

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A poor understanding of human behavior leads to poor decision making.

Cryfe supports you in detecting the authentic signals of your interlocutor, helping you make quality decisions. Cryfe is ideal for HR, decision makers, healthcare professionals, coaches and more.

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Your data, secured

Data protection and security are at the heart of our concerns.

More or less sensitive, this data must be processed in a compliant manner that respects the privacy of the persons concerned: your candidates, your customers, your partners, your employees or yourself.

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Swiss Made

Cryfe™ was imagined and designed exclusively in Switzerland.

The ethics of such an innovative software is at the center of our priorities. We therefore trust our Swiss partners, rigorously selected, to ensure that the highest ethical standards are respected.

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