Cryfe will take part in the CES 2021, the largest international tech show of the year

Cryfe was selected to exhibit at the prestigious CES (Consumer Electronics Show) from January 11 to 14, 2021.

Usually held in Las Vegas, the CES is the leading show for technological innovation in consumer electronics. Since 1967, a plethora of commercial successes have been launched at the CES including DVD, HDTV and the 3D printer.

Due to the health risks associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2021 edition of CES will be held in a 100% digital format which makes it accessible worldwide.

Cryfe will be one of the 34 companies representing Swisstech at CES 2021 of which only 4 are led by women. As usual this edition will be dominated by American (559 exhibitors including Google, Microsoft and IBM), South Korean (338 exhibitors including Samsung and LG) and Chinese (208 exhibitors) teams.

MediaDay CES2021 – Swisstech

Participating to the CES is the opportunity for Cryfe to present its product: an AI-powered intelligent software able  to analyze authentic human behaviour. We hope to establish fruitful business relationships and meet potential investors during the event.

Cryfe Beyond the words

Cryfe will also seize this opportunity to raise general public’s awareness (75,000 virtual visitors already registered for the 2021 edition) about the challenges and opportunities of AI in the recruitment, empowerment and body impact markets.

Aware of the media exposure CES gives, Cryfe has hired a trilingual English-French-Italian press attaché for the duration of the event. Luca reinforces the dynamic and ambitious team united around Caroline Matteucci, founder of Cryfe.

In the media

  • Interview radio RTS “L’invitée de La Matinale – Caroline Matteucci, directrice CM Profiling” (11 janvier 2021)
  • Article écrit par Caroline Matteucci dans Weka Business media: “L’entretien d’embauche, miroir aux allouettes ? – Réinventer l’interview grâce aux outils du profiling” (novembre 2020)
  • Vidéo “L’AI au service de l’humain lors de toute communication interpersonnelle” enregistrée par Caroline Matteucci dans le cadre d’une conférence Pôle Emploi (octobre 2020)
  • Article écrit par Caroline Matteucci pour Von Rohr & Associates: “Profiling et RH, pour quoi faire ?” (mars 2019)
  • Article de Romandie Formation: “Caroline Matteucci: première profiler de Suisse!” (juillet 2018)
  • Reportage de 5min30 de RTS (chaîne de télévision suisse) sur les séminaires d’introduction au profiling donnés par Caroline Matteucci (décembre 2016)
  • Article écrit par Caroline Matteucci dans HR today – “Le profiling au service des RH: les précautions à prendre” (octobre 2016)

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