Reveal your inner profiler!

Cryfe takes over the training courses provided by CM Profiling since 2016. Join us on an exclusive 2-level profiling training course and learn how to understand humans!

Profiling Training Course Lausanne Cryfe CM Profiling Caroline Matteucci Expert

To register, please confirm your participation by indicating the chosen dates on our contact form, and we’ll confirm the details with you.

Who is this training course for?

This profiling training is ideal for HR managers, business leaders, executives and more simply for anyone looking to strengthen their understanding of people.

If you wish to:

  • Understand and acquire the basics of profiling tools
  • Have a congruence analysis method based on the study of human behavior and the signals that your interlocutor emits to communicate
  • Adopt a structured approach to the conscious observation of your interlocutor in order to identify the key moments of an interview
  • Practice the VIP© interview method developed by Cryfe, which allows you to validate your interviewer’s real needs and attentions

Then this training course is for you!

Benefits of this profiling training course

On two distinct levels, you will learn to:

  • Meet the other person as he or she really is and not as he or she would want to be or as you want him or her to be
  • Become a conscious observer and identify potential obstacles
  • Detect and understand the meaning of visual and audio signals emitted by your interlocutor
  • Identify which decision center of the brain the signals come from
  • Practice the CPI circle analysis (comfort, pacifier, discomfort)
  • List objective hints allowing you to evaluate the unspoken intentions of your interlocutor
  • Use the VIP© method allowing you to re-evaluate these intentions and make the least biased decision possible

Training course program


2 levels of training articulated on 2 non-consecutive days.

Level 1: 27.02.2024 & 29.10.2024

Level 2: 07.05.2024 & 10.12.2024

Note: It is not mandatory to attend both days. However, if you wish to join us on the 2nd level without having followed level 1, please contact us to evaluate your profile.

Topics covered in Level 1

  • The unique approach to congruence analysis proposed by Cryfe based on neuroscience research but also on the experience, studies and research of its founder Caroline Matteucci
  • The basic rules for practicing congruence analysis
  • The obstacles to observation
  • Practical game: learn how to scan the other person in an elegant and non-intrusive way
  • Establishing visual and audio hints

Topics covered in level 2

  • Analysis of the CPI and its application in an interview situation
  • CIA© : Congruence, incongruence analysis
  • Practice of the “lie-truth” game; is it really possible to identify lies or truths?
  • The VIP© interview method: theory and first steps (in the presence of an actor)

For this second day, the participants will use real situations.

Your speaker : Caroline Matteucci, founder and CEO

Former security police inspector, business owner, eMBA and Master’s degree in Leadership and Communication and passionate observer of humans for nearly 30 years, Caroline trained in behavioral reading and analysis with top FBI professors Dr. Paul Ekman and Joe Navarro.

Caroline founded CM Profiling in 2017. The startup has now registered its brand Cryfe which offers services in congruence analysis through consulting, training and an authenticity analysis software.

Hundreds of people have been trained in congruence analysis according to Cryfe’s particular vision: human resources managers, negotiators, police officers, doctors, nurses, coaches and teachers.

Details and registrations

To register, please confirm your participation via our contact form and we will validate the details with you.

The Cryfe team is already looking forward to welcome you!

  • Location: Moudon (near station)
  • Schedule: from 08:30 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 16:30
  • Price excl taxes:
    • 1 session (level 1 or 2) CHF 790.—
    • 2 sessions (both levels) CHF 1420.—

The course will be open from 6 participants.

Meals are not included.

Once we receive your registration you will receive all the details for payment and the general conditions.

Our offers are limited in time. Cryfe reserves the right to make changes.

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