Cryfe (SaaS), supports you in your professional and personal life

Human resources

« Meet the personality, not the role »

Cryfe enables you to improve the performance of your recruitment and personnel management. It accompanies you in the life cycle of your employees during the following phases:

  • Recruitment
  • Retaining talent
  • Team management (assessment, onboarding, annual appraisals, personalized follow-up, outboarding)
  • Better self-awareness (HR, candidate, employee)

In the world of human resources, recruitment is a pivotal issue. This world of varied professions and functions, whose mission is strategic for companies, must constantly adapt to the changing paradigm.
Recruiters are good at assessing job skills and establishing psychological profiles, for which they have many tools.
However, it is much more difficult to assess soft skills, such as time management, conflict resolution and teamwork. Almost 87% of recruiters say that this is one of the most important aspects to highlight. Furthermore, assessing a candidate’s credibility is extremely complex due to the cognitive biases involved, both on the part of the candidate and the recruiter, especially with traditional methods.

Indeed, asking direct questions to a candidate, for instance, allows us to have a response from the cortex brain that is said to be “lying”. A person who has prepared for the interview will know what to answer and this will not identify their congruence.

The risk for a company is thus to hire inappropriate people by, for example, basing themselves only on the candidate’s prepared and constructed answers – which are therefore conditioned and not authentic.
This can be detrimental to the company, in particular:

  • For team cohesion (diversity)
  • To the company, with potential financial impacts
  • To the security of sensitive data (black hacker). As a matter of fact, a person with bad intentions will give signals of discomfort or incongruence.
  • Human factors (industrial espionage, etc.).

As our clients have pointed out, whether they are participants in our training courses or managers who have been coached in consulting, it is difficult for the recruiter to be a jack of all trades – i.e. to ask the questions, listen to the person, write down the answers, think about the next question and observe all at once.

So imagine a digitalised process where the human being can be perceived as they are, without judgement, without cognitive bias, without categorisation: not a clone, but a unique being ! Imagine interviews during which you will be supported, so that you too will feel safer, more serene during your recruitments, and also more supportive of your employees.

Make an impact in all interpersonal communication

« Understanding our impact »

  • Public speaking
  • Impact of the speech
  • Credibility in acting
  • Influential leadership

Take the opportunity to be absolutely authentic. No one can ever deprive you of such freedom. Free from conditioning, you become congruent. Congruence gives your interlocutor confidence and you have more impact.

Caroline Matteucci, founder of Cryfe™

Analyze your own congruence

Cryfe is a must-have for people’s empowerment. Whether you:

  • are applying for a position
  • are an actor
  • are a politician
  • you need to speak in public at the next TED conference
  • need a “Talk Coach”
  • or you simply want to know how you are perceived…

Cryfe™ is the ideal solution for you!

Find out when you are authentic

Thanks to Cryfe™, what you say will be analyzed and linked with your body language. You will be able to understand and validate your different emotions.
You will be able to understand the moments when you presented a gesture of comfort, meaning that you mastered your subject for example. The moments when your body expressed discomfort will also be highlighted in order to better understand the underlying reasons. By better mastering your body language, you will be able to use it to have more impact on what you convey.
Cryfe™ highlights all of these key moments, allowing you to understand your own body language. The moments of congruence detected will give you a real measure of your authenticity.

Get your own personal speaking coach

We all look for some qualitative feedback on how to be better at expressing ourselves. Thanks to Cryfe™ software, you now have your own personal trainer, available 24/7.
Record yourself in video at home, at a conference, during a coaching session or on a pitch. Upload your video on Cryfe™ and decipher your facial expressions, your gestures, your impact and your authenticity.

Remember: the best investment you can do will always be in yourself!

Consumer tests

« Validating your products in an authentic way »

  • Validate the interest of the product through authentic responses (emotion computing)
  • Optimise your processes with neuroscience
  • Put your consumer back in the picture to validate their feelings
  • Validate your market after product launch

Medical - Health

« Identifiy the real internal states of the patient »

  • Patient safety
  • Validation of care
  • Monitoring of addictions
  • Follow-up of victims
  • Follow-up of heavy treatments


« Validate la credibility of your relationships »

  • Negociations
  • Interviews
  • Due diligence
  • Background check
  • Fight against fraud


« Give the most objective feedback possible to the person you are coaching »


  • Identify the emotions felt
  • Identify your client’s saboteurs
  • Reveal your talent
  • Actionable information for team building

Sport coaching

  • Identify various signals ahead of time, such as athlete’s weaknesses or concerns
  • Allow athletes to express themselves fully, without biases
  • Reveal an athlete’s full potential
  • Give athletes a feedback about themselves


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