Data security during video interview, security with Cryfe™

As a User, you agree that part of your personal data can be read on the recorded video.

Your interlocutor (for example the candidate) must sign a document certifying that he has understood this statement and that he agrees with it so that his data can be analyzed (according to the Swiss and European privacy laws (FADP / GDPR). They can give his consent either for the sole purpose of analyzing their data for the interview, or also to help Cryfe™ improve the performance of its algorithms. As a Cryfe™ user, you will find in your account the legal documents necessary for the candidate’s acceptance of the terms to the Swiss and European privacy laws (FADP / GDPR). You will be able to send these documents to your interlocutors before your interviews, to allow them to read them in advance and give their informed signed consent.

Subsequently, your interlocutor will automatically receive a recording of his video (without any analysis).

The algorithms behind Cryfe™ are organized into micro-services. Only the micro-service of sentimental sentence analysis, to establish whether a sentence is positive or negative (which is a part of the audio signals), does not go through Cryfe™ but through a Google algorithm. Only the voice is sent there, without any other data.

The candidate’s data are pseudonymized and it is therefore impossible for Google to link the voice to a person.

All other data coming from audio signals (such as diarization, energy or tone) and visual signals (facial expressions, gestures of comfort, pacifier and discomfort) emitted by the interlocutor are analyzed exclusively by Cryfe™.

Learn about the entire data management process: it describes precisely how your data are processed, how they are managed and where they are stored.

For FADP / GDPR standards, please consult the page Terms of use and privacy.

Note that Cryfe™ has integrated a DPO (Data Protection Officer) to its team. This person is responsible, among other things, for ensuring the internal application of the requirements for the personal data processing. The DPO carries out this activity in complete independence. You can contact our DPO at any time at the following email address: