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If you want to know someone, don’t listen to what he says, but look at what he does.

Dalai Lama


In order to analyze other human beings in an ethical way, it is necessary to understand that our cognitive biases, even unconscious ones, can filter and interpret what we assume to be reality.

Cognitive biases come from our brain, because of its own limitations. These biases are errors of perception or memorization. We are constantly under the influence of our cognitive biases, because our brain operates through intuitive mental shortcuts, called heuristics.

Some examples of cognitive biases that Cryfe can highlight and prevent

  • The recruitment bias makes us hire people who are similar to us, thus reducing diversity in teams
  • The confirmation bias, or seeing only what you want to see, can cause you to miss potential talent
  • The perception bias, or the fact that how we think can influence the behavior of others, can lead to a misinterpretation of our interlocutor’s signals

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Behavioral reading and analysis

Profiling, or behavioral reading and analysis, is based on the signals emitted by a person at a specific moment during an interpersonal communication, in order to establish congruence (matching what you think, what you say (audio) and what you do (visual)) or incongruence (mismatch between the signals sent) between them.

Cryfe detects all visual signals such as facial expressions felt by your interlocutor, whether on his face or on his body, such as facial expressions. Facial expressions usually express emotions and all gestures of comfort, pacifier or discomfort.

Cryfe transcribes and interprets what is said to know if signals are positive or negative. Cryfe also hears the voice of the person speaking and decodes its tone and energy.

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The VIP© method

Cryfe is used to its full potential when you apply the VIP© (Validation Incongruence Practice) developed to optimise congruence analysis. This method optimizes the identification of authenticity and, in case of any incongruence or discrepancy is detected, to come back to it.

The VIP© method is based on the fact that when a person listens to an interesting, well-constructed and emotional story, their body speaks unconsciously and in an authentic way.

The VIP© method can be summarized as follows:

“Through the formulation of examples, the goal is to trigger an unconscious emotional response from your interlocutor by carefully observing the visual or audio signals, in order to validate his emotions or confirm the perceived incongruences.”

While using Cryfe, you will also access an explanatory video about the VIP© method. By combining Cryfe and the Validation Incongruence Practice, you will improve the way you conduct your interviews by giving smart feedback to your interlocutor on the key points highlighted by our software.

And if you need to go more into details, you will also be able to access personal training provided by CM Profiling, the company behind Cryfe.

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Machine Learning

Our solution stands out because of its ethics.

Each person filmed gives their consent, no data is collected without it. Furthermore, our algorithms do not codify the behaviour, do not categorise it and do not give a ranking. They indicate the key points of a communication in order to be able to come back to them and meet the other person beyond the conditioning.

Like all machine learning, Cryfe is not immune to bias. We do our utmost to avoid them as much as possible and to comply with the principles of ethical artificial intelligence as recommended by the European Commission.

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